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Additional information for your visit

Who is entitled to the concession rate?
  • 60+ years:  You are entitled to a concession rate ticket if you are over the age of 60.  You may be required to show an identification card (with your date of birth) once on site to validate the discounted price.  International visitors are entitled to this rate if they also meet these requirements of proof of age.

How long should I allow for my visit?
  • You are permitted to spend as much time as you like within the Malta at War Museum during opening hours on the date of your booking. We recommend allowing at least 1 hour, dependent on queues.

Can I leave and re-enter using the same ticket?
  • Your admission ticket is valid for one day only, and re-entry is permitted if it is on the same day.

Can I use my Heritage Pass (bought from the Malta at War Museum, the Saluting Battery, Fort Rinella or the Lascaris War Rooms)?
  • Please ensure you have your valid Heritage Pass ready for scanning on arrival.  

Can I show my ticket on my mobile device? 
  • Print-at-home tickets can be both in digital form and in physical form in order to be valid.

I think I left some property behind, how do I retrieve it?
  • If you lose something during your visit, please contact the nearest member of staff.  All lost property is held by the Reception.  Alternatively, contact Visitor Services on and we’ll do our best to try to reunite you with your property.

What is the dress code?
  • There is no specific dress code for visitors. We do ask that you dress respectfully as families are likely to be present.  If there are offensive slogans or other clothing items deemed to be inappropriate, you may be approached by a member of staff. 

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